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Promenade Advisors LLC provides financial planning, investment advisory, and real estate advisory services to clients at all stages of the financial life cycle.  Our clients are individuals, high net worth individuals, corporations, foundations, and endowments.

We will help you identify your financial mission, a broad and enduring statement, that identifies the your long-term purpose for creating a financial plan.  For example, you might wish to achieve financial independence and avoid catastrophic financial occurrences that could result in financial dependence.  We do this for two reasons.  First, it ensures a common understanding between us as to why the financial plan is being created and implemented.  Second, it provides a basis for the creation of strategic alternatives.

We collaborate with our clients to realize their financial goals and objectives. For example, in the years that our clients are earning income, we focus on asset accumulation through investment growth. During the retirement years we shift our focus to capital and purchasing power preservation. Along the way, we realize that life events happen – marriage, education, vacation, disability, inheritance, divorce, death – which will change the financial status of our clients. Whatever life throws our clients way, Promenade Advisors will be there to assist our clients in planning for these unforeseen circumstances.

Three Meetings to Financial Independence

Our three meeting process can be conducted conveniently via video conferencing. There is no cost or obligation to you during these initial meetings.


  • Getting to Know You
  • Discussing Your Financial Dreams, Goals, and Fears
  • Exploring Our Process
  • First Homework Assignment for Next Meeting


  • Reviewing Your Homework
  • In Depth Discussion of Your Goals and Concerns
  • Prioritization of Your Goals and Concerns
  • Investment Risk Analysis
  • Distribute Samples of Our Work
  • Final Homework Assignment Distributed


  • Recommendation Given to You
  • Advisory Contract Explanation
  • Investment Policy Statement Explained
  • Next Course of Action Taken

The Seven Pillars of Financial Independence

During our discovery process with you, we will cover what we call the seven pillars of financial independence. Each of these topics help form an important base to building financial wealth.

The Foundation for Building Wealth

Protecting What You’ve Earned

Building Wealth to Achieve Your Goals

It’s Not What You Earn; It’s What You Keep!

Prepare for Life After Employment

Tax-Advantaged Investing for College and Other Secondary Education

Will, Trusts, Advanced Health Care Directives

How Are We Different?

Investment Philosophy

We utilize a client risk management process based on the research of Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman that more precisely tells us what kind of risk you are willing to take.  We construct a core investment foundation based on the research of Nobel Prize laureate Eugene Fama combined with an active investment insight that exploits market inefficiencies in asset classes where the efficient market hypothesis breaks down such as emerging markets and frontier markets.  We deploy a mobile technology platform that allows us to easily communicate with our clients as well as provide our clients with convenient access to their financial health anytime, anywhere.

Active Investing vs. Passive Investing

In the long-term, passive investing can outperform active investing.  It is difficult for even the best active managers to consistently generate returns above the passive index benchmarks; however, human nature favors some form of active investment. We believe that active and passive investments can live comfortably side-by-side – they are two oars in the water keeping the boat straight.  At Promenade Advisors, we believe it does not have to be either one style or the other exclusively.

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate is an important part of every investor’s portfolio. As a financial advisor, to ignore this fact, and only focus on equities or fixed income, for example, could be detrimental to the performance of an investment portfolio. When selecting a financial advisor, you need to choose one with expertise in all aspects of real estate investments from equity REITs, private real estate funds, real estate acquisitions, and real estate development.

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